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In the 1900’s,  the Belcapo family was mostly known for their olive oil making, but over time the family concentrated its attention on winemaking.

Our attention to quality and the technical evolution of our production made our family known on the international market, having been awarded two gold medals in 1938; one in London and one in Paris for our olive oil quality.

Our company was one of the first of the time to have electricity on its premises by harvesting hydrolectric power from a natural spring to power not just our own facilities, but also the local farmers in the area.

Our olive mill uses traditional stone to cold-press the olives in order to obtain an excellent extra virgin olive oil. Our olives are hand picked from mature trees of different varieties, such as Frantoio, Canino, Leccino and Moraiolo. We periodically prune the trees and we only use organic fertilizer.

The olives are cold pressed within 24 hours from harvesting in order to insure not just high quality, but nutrional value that is characteristic of the mediterranean diet.


Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Type: unfiltered Extra virgin olive oil
Age of Trees : 8-70 years

Production area: The olive orchard is at the northern part of the Tiber Valley in an area known as Tuscia, at the border between Latium, Umbria and Tuscany.

Climate and Soil: The orchards enjoy Central Italy’s gentle climate, with extremely fertile volcanic soil.

Milling: All olives are hand-picked, beginning at the end of October each year when the olives are perfectly ready. Our mill operates 24 hours a day, and all olvies are milled within 24 hours of the time they are picked. We use the traditional and antique Cold-Press milling process, with granite wheel & pneumatic press to keep an extremely low acidity level, making ours a premium olive oil that far exceeds the standards for extra virgin olive oil.

Characteristics: Emerald-green color with golden highlights. Extremely low acidity and full-bodied. To the nose, it is very aromatic and intense. To the taste, it is sweet and fruity with a hint or artichoke. It is very delicate.

Pairing: All dishes, especially uncooked with Bruschetta, meat and fish.

Bottles: ¼ Liter; ½ Liter & ¾ Liter
Tins: ½ Liter, 1 Liter, and 5 Liter


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