Our History

I am Leonardo Belcapo, part of the most recent generation of a family that upholds an antique winmaking and olive oil tradition in the Orvieto area. This is our history:

Before Cesare Belcapo, there are no documents to refer to. We know that we began as a group of four large farms in the towns of Castiglione in Teverina, Civitella D’agliano, Orvieto, Porano and Guardea.

The children of Cesare, among which my great grandfather Vincenzo was counted, decided who would inherit the land simply by pulling names from a hat. This was common practice at the time. Vincenzo and his brother were given Madonna delle Macchie, which at the time was a large estate of over 300 (~750 Acres) hectares.

After the second world war, the estate continued to produce wine, olive oil, grain and Maremma beef, among other agricultural products.

The estate was passed to my father, who made the decision to modernize the business. He continued to produce Extra Virgin olive oil and wine, but also began to tobacco. He increased the amount of land dedicated to vineyards and olive orchards, making our estate one of the largest producers in the area of the time.

I am proud to follow in the footsteps of my father and his dedication to quality. My path has taken me to advance the estate with the most modern equipment and techniques, as well as a widening of our horizons as we experiment with new wines.

My father and I, as well as the rest of our family, are proud to continue the traditions of our ancestors.




London 1938
Diploma of Grand Prix and Gold Medal


Paris 1938
Diploma de Grand Prix avec Medaille d'Or





LOC. MADONNA DELLE MACCHIE - CASTIGLIONE IN TEVERINA (VT) – 01024 - TEL/FAX +39 0761.948487 - P.IVA 01671040564