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The Territory

It takes an extraordinary balance of nature to make a good wine: The gentle Italian climate, the rich soil, and the perfect altitude.

Our land is located in the northern section ofthe Tiber Valley, located between southern Tuscany and Umbria. This area was formed by centuries of vulcnaic eruptions that created valleys and hills of extremely fertile soil.

This land, along with the mediterrenean climate that is characterized by hot summers and cold winters, is ideal for the production of excellent wine and olive oil.

Finally, the grape varietals grown on our estate originally belonged to the Orvieto D.O.C., Sangiovese, Violone and Aleatico wines.




LOC. MADONNA DELLE MACCHIE - CASTIGLIONE IN TEVERINA (VT) – 01024 - TEL/FAX +39 0761.948487 - P.IVA 01671040564