Nettare di Confine
Lazio, indicazione geografica tipica
Rosso dolce

Varietal Profile:
100% Aleatico

Vineyard Age: 5 years

Geography: Civitella D’Agliano at the Orvieto border between Umbria and Latium

Production per Hectare: 65 Ql.

Climate and Soil: The vineyard is in the Tiber Valley at an altitude of approx. 150 meters. The vines grow in Central Italy’s gentile micro-climate near Lake Alviano, in sedementary & clay soil.

Winemaking: Grapes are harvested by hand during the second half of October. Skin fermentation for 4 days at 10 °c. Fermented partially in wood and partially in stainless steel, then refined 12 months in bottle.

Color: Ruby-red with Purple tint

Characteristics: Full-bodied dessert wine. Soft and elegant with a sweet aftertaste.

Pairing: Excellent with stong and spicy cheeses, cheese & honey, fresh fruit & tarts. A wonderful wine to enjoy in moments of relaxation.

Serving Temperature: 16/18°C
Alcohl : 14% by volume
Case Size: 6 bottles




LOC. MADONNA DELLE MACCHIE - CASTIGLIONE IN TEVERINA (VT) – 01024 - TEL/FAX +39 0761.948487 - P.IVA 0167104056